Bias in business

About this workshop

There are two major biases that affect all businesses: I know my customer and I know what is best for the company. 

In our workshop “Bias in Business and a system to beat them!” based on Behavioral Science, we will help you reduce these biases and truly understand people’s perception, both customers and those who work in your company, with a proven and efficient model.

What will you learn?

Reduce Biases

You will make informed decisions and improve your relationships with customers and employees.

Improved Customer Perception

You will truly understand your customers' perception will provide you better customer service.

Efficient and Proven Model:

You will be able to achieve better business results.

Let's learn together!


The practice of happiness

About this workshop

In this unique and exciting workshop, you will learn effective and easy-to-implement strategies to improve your habits, increase your confidence, and find a greater sense of purpose in your life. We are experts in the field of positive psychology and happiness, and committed to guiding you on the path to a fuller and more satisfying life.

What will you learn?


You will be better equipped to manage your emotions and respond to stress more effectively.

Gratitude and Positive Thinking

You will be able to improve your overall sense of well-being.

Connection and Relationships

You will experience greater happiness and a greater sense of purpose in your life.

Let's learn together!


Understand your client

About this workshop

This workshop on understanding your client with behavioral economics combines principles of psychology, economics, and marketing to help businesses better understand their clients’ behavior and decision-making processes. The workshop covers topics such as heuristics, biases, and decision-making.

What will you learn?

Behavioral Science Principles

You may learn about topics such as heuristics, biases, and decision-making.

Consumer Insights

You will learn about techniques for conducting effective market research.

Grow your business

You will improve your ability to attract and retain clients.

Let's learn together!

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