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by nobrainer universe

Like many in the business and startup communities, we’ve been taught that clients have to be chased. Won over. Fought for.

However, thinking about the “potential” of clients may distract us from the fact that not every company will be the right “fit” for us.

Therefore, we should stop thinking about finding potential clients; and focusing on those organizations that share similar key traits to ours:

mission = a better universe for humanity!
values = empathy + collaboration = growth
perceptions = human understanding is important to business success.
behaviors = we want to understand humans better.

What does this mean?

It means we want to work with people who believe a better world for humans is possible. We want to work with empathetic individuals, with others who want to collaborate and grow: every day better!

We want to work with brands who care about their customers. We want to work with companies that help a lot of people. We want to work with passionate professionals who are great at what they do, and want to do even better. We want to work with people interested in humanity.

We want to be that company that helps you reach a deeper understanding. About your clients. About your business. About ours. About us. About humanity.

We are nobrainer universe and we do custom made market research & consulting with behavioral science.

We do it by connecting with people. Having a chat with them. Listening about the reality they live in. What they really think. How they feel. And this is where behavioral science comes in.

We know people are intuitive, but can also be very logical. We know how important are points of reference, emotions and memories. We know are prone to creating stereotypes. We know we evaluate in pros and cons, but cons weight more. We know all this things because we have read and applied what we learnt from Kahneman, Tversky and many other amazing thinkers who came up with the science. And it’s science. And it’s also complicated.

Because humans are complicated. Because the World is complicated. Because business is complicated. Because life is complicated.

And then we can tell you the story, as fair as we can. So you hear their side of the story. So you can get deeper into the minds and lives of your clients. So you can see the market though their eyes. So you can come closer to living the experience of your service in their skin. To be so close to your client that, as my dear friend Emiliano says, you can smell them.

That is the data we feed to the most valuable piece of your companies software: your minds. So you can make business decisions with your customer more salient in mind. So you can do something that they will love. Which will bring you closer.

We think it’s good business.

If you think so too, we would love to meet you. Because we might be a good fit. If you think that your company could benefit from more human understanding, let’s talk. Please find your most convenient time in the link below. We’d love to hear from you!

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